Monday, March 23, 2009

Europe Sticks It to the US

EU summit rejects US demands

I just have one thing I really want to say, /clap. I am unbelievably proud of Europe at this moment. Since I have such high disdain for my country, I have been dying to see someone to just tell the US to fuck off and mind their own business. Europe has the loudest voice to do this with because of our close ties.

In the article, Germany says that you cannot just print money to get out of the crisis and that it would lead to hyperinflation. Well, they would know. Post-WWI they tried doing precisely that because of demands to repay their massive war debts. Their currency went to practically zero and their economy collapsed. That was bad enough in and of itself, however that was not the end of Germany's woes. Those precise measures [to just print more money] that blew up in their faces led to Hitler's rise to power.

When the US dollar collapses (and it will), we can only hope that we do not see the rise of a modern-day Hitler to power in the US. For if one did, it would not be the Jews this time around (we kiss Israel's ass), but the Muslims. Bin Laden, al Quadea, the Taliban...... we've already seen the lack of popularity and dissent against those groups arise in the US because of lies perpetrated by our government.

*A note, I by no means advocate violence against any group, especially the aforementioned. I also oppose and detest any notion that would imply or explicitly implicate the above groups as guilty in any such way of the calamity of the US, directly or otherwise. I by no means think that these groups are responsible for any American troubles and would defend them against any such claim. They are the victims, not the guilty. America's problems are American made home grown by the military-industrial complex and I am forever sorry to every nation and their peoples for our gross foreign policy and destruction of their governments to serve the greed of our shadow government. It is my sincerest desire to see justice brought to those guilty in the US who have wrecked havoc internationally and I offer my deepest personal apologies.

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