Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower
Was the 9/11 Commission a government conspiracy as was the case with the Warren Commission? This is something that I would definitely like to explore further. We cannot allow a government that can lie to us and get away with it to exist. Our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if we allow such violations of our freedom and rights that they fought so hard to establish and keep. If such atrocities have occurred we must seek prosecution of the guilty with as much vigor as we would in cases involving international war criminals.

It is my sincerest hope that 9/11 was not the result of conspiracy. I don't wish to live in such a world. Asking these questions is vital to make sure that such a world does not exist or can exist. We have a civic responsibility to make sure our government continues to serve us and not itself, which sometimes requires asking hard and offensive questions. By asking such questions if we discover that it is the case that September 11th occurred exactly how it was reported, then we can rest assured that our government can be trusted and we know that justice was properly sought. To take the road less traveled upon is a lonely avenue and requires a brave endeavor, but it is a road that someone must take to ensure that we live in a world where truth ranks supreme and is always delivered. The truth is a natural right and as not only citizens, but also humans we are owed that right.

Big Brother Wants to Tax by the Mile

There's been a long push towards greener energy and more efficient cars. The unexpected downside? Less revenue generated by the gas tax. Oops, small oversight on that one. Instead of just a proposed increase of the gas tax, if necessary, the most popular solution was to begin taxation by the mile. Wow, talk about a violation of a right to privacy. The kind of technology necessary to monitor motorists by the mile would also be able to report where and when we drive. Cameras at stop lights where already considered invasive by many, and now there's a proposal to go further.

Oregon has already had a voluntary pilot test of this program, Massachusetts and Colorado already have similar proposals and legislation in the works. As long as we are still using gasoline, even if we are consuming less, I have to wonder why just raising the gas tax wasn't proposed. Seems to be the much simpler course of action and less expensive, technology to track mileage won't come cheap. It was just an idea, legislators say. It's good that they're trying to think ahead about how to compensate for the loss of revenue for road and highway construction caused by more efficient cars, but we must let them know that this is not the way, and that we as Americans oppose such a tax and consider it unconstitutional.

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