Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brief Blurb About EU

It's not all roses in the EU. New dissents arise as EU seems to evolve more into a superstate and less of an international economic trade organization.

EU Makes Proposal to German Bakers

I'm honestly quite baffled by this. When did the EU gain the power to regulate food products of member countries? We're talking about sovereign nations with their own heads of state, military, and different political systems. The recent outcry is heard most loudly from German bakers who oppose the EU interference and overregulation that would require a change in the salt content in their famous heavy brown loaves.

The Black Forest, a German restaurant in my hometown, was immensely popular and drew crowds to the downtown area because of its famous brown loaves of bread. It was unbelievably exciting to go there as child because it was new and different, and this from a girl who grew up with the diversity of good ole Cajun cooking. I just find it disappointing that in the actual country, because of EU regulations we are going to see the recipe for German baked goods changed. I just can't stop scratching my head as to how this can happen. Having grown up in the 'melting pot' with very little national culture and unity, I envied Europe. All of the countries on that continent had different currencies, various languages, vast histories, different architectural styles. It seems like it's all starting to dissolve into the background.

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