Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is America Going Red?

This is an idea that has been circling in my head for awhile: was Marx on to something? Does capitalism naturally collapse into communism?

I'm starting to think so. I do not want to live under communism. If true Marxist communism (where the proletariat actually overthrows the bourgeoisie) ever happens, I'd be curious to visit. Every communist society that has existed in the world has always been run by some oligarchy.

Slavery is freedom I guess.

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  1. You clearly don't understand what is Marxist Communism and you confuse it with State Capitalism. The USSR and China WERE State Capitalist societies where the bourgeoisie were merely the bureaucracy unlike the State Capitalism of the U.S. where it is the corporation and the elites.

    If you READ Marx you would understand that the point is for the proletariat to take over the existing state and for the state would REPRESENT the aspiration of the people. That is defined as Socialism and Communism only occurs after the state apparatus become obsolete.

    Whether society can evolve this way is a matter of debate but those are DEFINITIONS as put forward by Marx. What regimes has done is CO-OPTED those words and distorted them.

    Even the U.S. has distorted DEMOCRACY yet I don't see you saying that you don't want DEMOCRACY while the U.S. certainly ain't no democracy.